Willy Lin is recognized as a specialist in his 5 Steps e-commerce system as a self-taught e-commerce business builder since 2012.

With e-commerce customers in over 100+ countries around the globe, Willy Lin has assisted over 800+ Small and Medium Enterprises in their e-commerce expansion. Having spent more than a decade in the field of sales and marketing, selling intangible products he has taught over 2,000 students in Singapore on how to set up their Amazon FBA Business and be profitable. When you want to build an online business super-fast, you need someone you can count on when it comes to a proven e-commerce system.

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Market A Product You Love

There are a thousand and one benefits to be generated from Willy's coaching to help create, market and improve the product based on something you love thereby achieving your dreams in the business world. How about boosting performance, becoming active, and getting encouragement?

WAH Academy’s coaching and training on e-commerce is ultimately the best framework since it’s a win-win situation. You get solid e-commerce coaching that can potentially increase returns and help you save thousands of dollars. All you have to do is contact us, and we get straight at it.

Successfully Turned His Passion Into Profit

Willy Lin is a specialist in his own 5 Steps e-commerce system, and he has achieved a lot in this regard. He started as a paint shop assistant at the age of eleven and then started working as a fruit stall assistant when he was thirteen.

Despite a couple of ups and downs which includes being sacked by his insurance agency for having a massive debt of over $300,000, nearly going bankrupt and clearing it in cash within 24 months via e-commerce. However, he crossed seven figures in e-commerce profits in 2018 and has continued to scale exponentially ever since


Willy Lin Has Reached Millions Of People
From All Walks Of Life

The Self-Taught e-commerce business builder since 2012 has spent 10 and 6 years respectively in the field of sales and marketing intangible products and the Singapore Armed Forces as a Full-Time Regular Soldier.

He taught over 2,000 students in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia how to set up their own Amazon eCommerce Business to be profitable and has assisted over 800 Small and Medium Enterprises in their e-commerce expansion. Willy Lin, founder of WAH Academy has e-commerce customers in over 100+ countries around the globe whom he and his team has been selling to for a couple of years and thereby reaching several millions of people who have an interest in his product pool under his brands

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