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Willy Lin is a specialist from Singapore who is recognized in the eCommerce industry with his self-created 5 Steps eCommerce System Coaching Programme. Using his set of self-taught e-commerce strategies, he successfully cleared off his debts of over $300,000, and after a bit, he crossed seven figures in eCommerce profits annually. 

In 2014, Willy Lin founded WAH Academy. Since then, he has focused his energy on grooming aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful by leveraging the power of Amazon FBA.

About WAH Academy

Willy stated that WAH Academy is the short term for “Work-At-Home” Academy. After the outspread of his successful Amazon eCommerce venture, many contacts would come around and ask if he could share his strategies with them to “work at home” during their free time and create their own Amazon eCommerce businesses. 

He thought it was a compelling idea, so he started the company to impart what he knows about creating a profitable e-commerce business. Willy never regretted his decision because helping his students achieve their desired results at Work-At-Home Academy is way more meaningful and relevant than any other job he used to have. 

He thought it’s so liberating to discover that he has the expertise to guide others to succeed. Willy Lin feels that he can genuinely make an impact on the world through his ways.

Growing His Business

In the early days when Willy started his business, the promotion was mainly through word of mouth, and then he leveraged on the website “” After that, he converted to Facebook and Youtube Ads to market his company and its services.

In the case of WAH Academy or Work-At-Home Academy, the business created a name for itself because Willy and his team have helped many students reach their desired results. When their students accomplish things, they would give them great testimonials and refer more people, which caused their company to boost their image among individuals.

For the time being, his company has scaled up over the years as they qualify people before joining their coaching program. Some of their students who have developed a successful e-commerce business using Willy’s strategies also decided to join their team as coaches. This scenario results in a positive learning cycle because they will learn more about e-commerce while coaching others in their businesses.

His Secrets To Virality In His Most Successful Platform

Will shared that they can gain virality or sales, specifically through Facebook, because they can openly share their knowledge and skills. For example, they would provide bits of useful information on their Facebook and Youtube Ads, such as strategies on “How to collaborate with influencers to launch your private label products on Amazon.”

What they share are real tips that people can straightaway apply to their businesses. Through this method, individuals can see that they are sincere in helping them achieve success instead of just boasting about their company’s accolades. Hence, Willy and his company gained more recognition throughout the years.

About Marketing On Amazon

In contrast to the widely-known strategies of using paid traffic on Amazon to drive sales, Willy finds that it is much more effective to work with influencers to market the products. Influencers will introduce or present your products to their followers, and their followers will suggest your products to their networks or acquaintances if they find it reliable.

Willy said that this idea creates a scalability effect and helps you receive traffic from outside of Amazon, which is preferable than just using Amazon Sponsored Ads. Amazon Sponsored Ads is not a practical method to depend on in the long run because it is too expensive to keep up. When it reaches the peak shopping seasons, the amount of money you need to maintain your Amazon Ads running will burn a hole in your pockets.

Achieving Better Success Rate Than Other Training Companies

According to Willy Lin, WAH Academy has done much better than most training companies because they have a very stringent process of choosing who they work with. From his years of coaching others, he realized how essential it is to have the right attitude when starting an e-commerce business. 

Willy shared that people who are determined to make this venture a success will influence and spur on others around them, such that everyone can advance together. At WAH Academy, Willy wants to create this positive environment for many students so that everyone can get their desired results. He set this as his responsibility and promise to all students when they joined WAH Academy.

To maintain his student community’s integrity, he implemented the “strategy call” method that allows his team to interview interested participants to join his coaching program. This technique will help them filter out people who are not serious about setting up a successful e-commerce business.

Willy and his team believe they can maintain a high success rate by enrolling only the people they think are a good fit for their coaching program. Once individuals are registered, WAH Academy promises to coach them until they become successful.

Best Books He Has Read

Some of the best books that Willy Lin has ever read are the following:

  1. Cashvertising – Drew Eric Whitman

  2. The Will to Win – Robert Herjavec

  3. Digital Millionaire Secrets – Dan Henry

His Biggest Life Lesson

From Willy Lin himself, his most important life lesson is to have consistency and determination for successful entrepreneurship. If an entrepreneur does not have the character in what they are doing every day and doesn’t have the determination to overcome any obstacle, one will fail in this journey.

His Foresight About The Future 

Willy Lim foresees that there will be more people who want to build an e-commerce business for themselves. Also, he visions that WAH Academy will be helping such aspiring entrepreneurs. 

By then, more people will recognize the value of business coaching companies like Willy and his company. Furthermore, his dream is to continue working with some of the best entrepreneurs out there and help them achieve success. As his favorite quote by Bill Phillips says, “The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.”

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