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Many eCommerce sellers like to work with influencers. Yet they have no idea how to tell if someone is a good influencer! If you can relate to this problem, hear out Willy’s advice on how to find a good influencer.

In this episode, Willy is going to cover:

  • The traits of a good influencer;

  • A secret formula to calculate an influencer’s effectiveness;

  • How to choose the correct influencer for your eCommerce business. 

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Hey everyone this is Willy, and once again welcome to my podcast!

So today I will be talking about: how to tell if someone is a good influencer to work with, or collaborate with?

A good influencer will always have the following traits:

Number 1: Always post content that their followers like and love;

Number 2: Always will try their best to reply or comment on their followers' comments;

Number 3: Always create content in the direction of what their followers want.

So their followers centric and have very high engagement rates.

So you might ask: 'Willy, what is a good engagement rate for an influencer?'

This is something that is debatable but overall my team uses a 3% engagement rate as a gauge. This means from their latest post, (get) the total number of comments and likes divided by the number of subscribers/followers this influencer or content creator has.

My team will check their last 30 days' posts on their most active social media platform - be it TikTok, IG, or YouTube to see if this is consistent throughout.

Of course, if you are mainly selling to customers in the U.S., your influencers' followers should mainly be from the U.S. If you noticed, I said 'influencers' followers' locations', not the '(influencers' locations)'. The (influencers) can be from Canada but if the followers are mainly from the U.S., it will still be a good fit too.

But you might think: will it be a hassle to check one by one where their followers are from isn't it?

Well, my team has a little trick up their sleeves: Normally they will reach out to the influencers and once they replied, they will ask the influencers if they have any idea where their followers are from. In most cases, they will know and be able to show you some statistics from their backend.

This will save a lot of time, rather than just clicking here and there and try to figure everything out (by yourself).

Also, a good influencer will know what kind of content their followers will want to see. From there, our job as an eCommerce business is to help them create that content. And of course, not helping them to edit their videos, or shoot their videos, but to communicate with them, and angle our products that will fit right into their content strategy.

So, there is an influencer who I am following, and his channel is 'Linus Tech Tips'. He has over 13 million subscribers, and most of the products that he reviewed on his channel were sponsored. But a lot of people love his content, as it doesn't feel sponsored and everything feels buttery smooth - with no selling at all.

And this kind of trend is very common nowadays with nano, or super nano influencers with 500 followers or subscribers and you will want to work with them as they have very very passionate and raving fans. Most likely, they know their fans' real names too!

Imagine your products are featured by them, you can guess what will the response be!

So with a surge of content creators these days, you can easily find one to collaborate with.

So, I hope today's episode will give you some insights, and stay tuned for my next episode!

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We'll discuss to see if we are a good fit to work together to help you start or scale your ecommerce business.

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