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Ever have trouble determining how much to pay your virtual assistants (VAs)? Here’s a guide for you!

In this episode, Willy is going to cover:

  • The types of VAs you will engage for your business;

  • How much you should pay for each type of VAs roughly;

  • What payment processes are more suitable for each type of VAs.

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Hey everybody, this is Willy and today I will be talking about: how much should you pay your virtual assistants, in short, VAs.

When I first started out, I paid my VAs around USD3-4/hr, and at that time, I need someone to find products for me and also find suppliers for me on AliBaba. Basically it was research work and I don't really need them for so many hours a day, and so many days a week. So let's say for easy calculation, and when I am still new but experienced enough to know how to find products and suppliers, I pay USD4/hr, and per day I just need that 1 VA for 2 hours. And that VA will work for 3 days a week. So that is USD36 a week. And if your VA can find 4 potential products for 2 hours, in 1 week the VA will have found around 12 potential products a week.

So you got to ask yourself, are you going to launch 12 potential products in 1 week? Of course not, right! And do note that at this stage, I will already verify that these 12 products have potential, as I also verify them myself.

So the same goes for the VA who find suppliers for me, and eventually, helped me to liase with the suppliers too, with me just looking at the quotations and nothing else.

Next, I will need VAs who does marketing. Marketing and sales VAs normally will have a basic per hour pay, but they will need to hit certain KPIs. For example, for influencer outreach VAs, they will need to outreach X number of influencers a day, negotiate shoutout fees, send samples, plan collaborations, etc. The team will have a profit sharing scheme in place which is determined by my accountant based on their KPI levels. The higher profit we hit, the percentage of profit sharing is much higher. I am not able to reveal the profit sharing on a public podcast as it is very dynamic, and even when my accounting team explained to me, I will just ask them: "After paying my team, what is the net profit in dollar amount?" And if that amount is within our projection, I am okay with anything else.

There are some VAs that we pay per task, like for example, video creation VAs. 1 video on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube will cost around USD20-40, depending on how complicated the video is. The rule of thumb is to negotiate with the video editor VA a probationary payment, then increase from there based on your KPI. For example, (we will see) if the video is able to meet your minimum requirements of designs, etc, or if the video generates some kind of views on TikTok, etc. So you got to ask yourself what do you want with your video contents, and set that as a KPI for your video editing team.

Different VAs have different payment arrangements, but all I can tell you is this: in business everything is about sales. Your sales team will push further for you, if you have a profit sharing system in place. But of course before you go into profit sharing, you must understand your profit and loss, and understand how much profits to share with your team before you announce it.

Because once you announced, there is no turning back without a hit in morale.

Once again I hope this episode will give you some kind of insights, and stay tuned for my next episode!

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