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Finding the right product to sell on Amazon is definitely one of the hardest things to do when you set up your Amazon business. However, fret not – Willy will be showing you the Top 3 Ways to Find the Right Products to Sell On Amazon in this episode. And these are reliable methods that have been tested out by him and his students, so you bet they are going to be workable.

In this episode, Willy is going to cover:

  • The Top 3 Ways to Find the Right Products to Sell On Amazon;

  • Why these timeless methods work every time and can never fail you;

  • A bonus tip on how to generate good product ideas for your Amazon business.

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Hi everybody, welcome to ‘Win It with Willy Lin’! 

Now, a lot of people are keen to set up an Amazon business. Trouble is, many don’t know what products to sell. Over my past few years of guiding new Amazon sellers, this is the top 1 question I heard my students asking me over and over again. Hence, in this episode, I shall answer this question once and for all, and share with you the Top 3 Ways to Find the Right Products to Sell on Amazon.

Okay, so the first way to find a suitable product, will be to look through the Amazon Bestseller Lists. These lists can be found on the Amazon platform, and you can even toggle the option to find the Bestseller Lists in the different countries that you are selling your products to. By doing so, you can narrow down your products niches more effectively. At the same time, you can also summarise the attributes of successful products from these lists, and hence go on to look for products with similar attributes.   

Next, the second way to find the right product to sell on Amazon will be to search for the latest products on Target and Walmart websites. These two multinational retail corporations are very sensitive to the latest trends, and from their websites, you can easily find the most popular products people sought after at that moment. It will be great to quickly find manufacturers to make such products and list them on Amazon as soon as possible, so that you can win the market share before anyone else. At the same time, don’t forget to be innovative and look out for complementary items that can go along with these products – that’s another smart way to make more profits!

Finally, the third way to find bestseller products will be to look out for product ideas on trend sites or other shopping platforms. Some examples include, Pinterest,, etc. One of my favourites will be, which is another shopping platform selling all sorts of creative products. Just pick the ones that have high sales, and bring it in for your Amazon businesses. You can also subscribe to the websites’ mailing lists and thus get weekly updates on trendy items that may not be on Amazon yet. Imagine having fresh ideas are delivered to your emails regularly – won’t that be great?

Last but not least, I am going to tell you one bonus way of finding the correct products to sell on Amazon – and that is, JUST WALK AND LOOK THROUGH THE ITEMS YOU USED FOR YOUR HOME. This is the most efficient, but also the most neglected way of generating good product ideas. Why I say this is because, first of all, your home is, well, highly accessible. Next, since you are already using certain items in your house, it means that those items have market value and people will want to buy them.

However, take heed – I am not saying EVERY item in your house fits the bill. For example, you can’t expect a battered, old-fashioned hot water bottle to become the next bestseller item on Amazon. But what you can do is to look at this item, and think of how you will like to improve it so that it suits your needs better. 

For example, I used to live with my elderly parents, and we have this old shower mat outside our bathroom. One day, I was casually wiping my feet on the shower mat when I looked at it and thought, ‘hmm, wouldn’t it be nice if I have a shower mat that is somehow more elderly-friendly, so my parents can use it with ease too?’ And… that’s it! This became my eureka moment – I started sourcing for anti-slip shower mats with elderly-friendly features, and this item became one of my bestselling products for my Amazon business! And you bet that my parents and I are still using the shower mat till today, much to our comforts!

So, as we come to the end of this episode, and I will like to summarise the Top 3 Ways to Find the Right Products To Sell on Amazon again:

Number 1: Look through the Amazon Bestsellers Lists
Number 2: Look through Target and Walmart websites
Number 3: Look for product ideas on trend sites and other shopping platforms

Last but not least, the bonus tip: look around in your house and see what items you want to improve on. This is one of the most reliable methods to find good product ideas. Just take a walk around your house now, and remember all the little discomforts you have when using the items in your house. Mind you, I find this method works especially well for kitchenware – remember that time you got scalded by some hot water? Splattered by oil when using your pans while frying some stuff? Cut yourself accidentally when you were in a rush to finish chopping some ingredients? Think back to those moments, and you may find your eureka moment, just like how I found mine.    

So, I hope you enjoy this episode. See you soon!

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